Thursday, April 10, 2008

Just wondering.... And waiting.

If you have been reading the papers, no doubt you know of what has been going on in Texas for the past week. (If you don't just type "Texas Cult" into the Google news search...and prepare to throw up.) It's enough to make you makes my stomach hurt...and it also makes me really mad. "This is a sick world we live in! With sick people!"

A couple questions:

1: Where is Vision Forum's statement? (They are ready to comment on Virginia Tech but not on something in their own state? It's actually about 160 miles north-west of San Antonio.)

2. I believe that some of the victims were taken to San Antonio. Is Vision Forum making any effort to help these women and children?

Just I thought I'd ask...not that Vision Forum or their friends ever respond. *sigh* Badly done, Vision Forum. Badly done.