Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Way of a Man with a Maid

I've been reading this online book, by Robin Phillips.

The Way of a Man with a Maid ~ A Response to the Courtship & Betrothal Movements

It's very interesting because I can see parallels in Gothard's teaching with all the Vision Forum stuff and Lindvall's teaching is very similar to that of the Botkin's and also Emotional Purity. Hmmm... I guess this junk has been around for longer than I thought! Maybe Heather Paulson got her ideas and material from several of the authors mentioned in this book? It bears some consideration.

What do you think?


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Re: Let it Be = Love3

I could tell you how busy I’ve been this summer but since you don’t know me anyway…who really cares. :-D Anyway, here’s a tidbit that I find interesting. It happened about a month ago and I just wanted this to be more visible to regular readers. I’ve had really interesting comments on my blog…some I haven’t posted….but may use in an article at some later date.

This is a comment and my reply to it—referring to my Let it Be = Love3 essay, part 7.

Jonalee said,
I just briefly skimmed your post here about Josh's book Boy Meets Girl. I have to say that my husband and I are "David and Claire" in chapter 4. All of what you read is true and the reason we had a helicopter take us from our reception was because my husband's good friend is a pilot and hooked him up with a good deal (which his dad helped pay for by the way). No, not everyone get's "whisked away by a helicopter". But if that's all you take from our story, you've missed the point.

So, I wrote,
:-) I'm glad to hear it. The point of my article is that all courtship stories are different and that young people shouldn't expect their story to be like anyone else's. The only things that remain the same about relationships are boy + girl = love & marriage. And young people should not expect their sweetheart to do anything really expensive or far-out in order to have a memorable courtship and/or wedding. If you really love someone you'd marry them at City Hall if you had too. Your courtship story was great and very sweet...but I'm just a simplistic person and the way Josh Harris wrote about your wedding made it sound a bit too...over the top. I'm sorry to pain you but there it is. I'm happy that you were able to afford a helicopter... but Josh Harris made it sound... too perfect... I wish he'd said what you said. It's like the difference between watching a perfectly glossy scene in a movie where the heroine's hair is perfectly in place and her make-up is perfect, even though things are blowing up around her and then watching the behind the scenes where the actress says that the corset under her costume was making her dizzy from lack of air, the hair style had to be re-done between every take, and her mascara was running and had to be washed off and re-done every five minutes. Writers of these type of books need to be blatantly's okay to "flower-up" a novel but writers shouldn't flower-up real life...and they need to state over and over that this is just one story and that everyone's story will be different. I'm tired of the authors never saying that. Why? Because I'm concerned that young people (or their parents) take these stories and believe that their (or their children's) future will or should look like that...and that belief, I know from experience, can cause a lot of pain. Sometimes, people who are married forget how much singles hang on every word in these books and stories...they need to remember what it felt like to be 14 and impressionable. You should have taken the time to read the rest of my essay...not just skimmed one part. :-)


Don’t pick on “Claire” in your comments please. :-)