Friday, October 12, 2007

Part Two: Let it be = Love3

2: The book states that when relationships are broken, the people involved tend to build a “wall” around their hearts. What it forgets to mention, is that in any relationship you allow yourself vulnerability and therefore, any relationship can hurt you. From your grandfather dying, to getting in a fight with your girlfriend—there are many things that can wound you or break your heart. The definition of a broken heart is simply this: to cause somebody intense unhappiness or suffering. I have lost friends, been wounded by others, had family members die, and gotten in major fights with those close to me—all of which has caused me intense unhappiness and suffering. I’m not as vulnerable or naïve as I was when I was seven—I’ve naturally become very protective of myself due to the normal up’s and downs of life. Does that mean that my husband will need a “pick-axe”, as the book says, to get close to me?
3: Telling people—women especially—that their supply of “heart glue” (used figuratively in EP as the healing balm for a broken heart) can be used up, is an out and out falsehood! God gives you loads of the stuff and I use it all the time—life isn’t a joy ride you know.

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