Thursday, October 18, 2007

All you Need is Love

Here is a link to Scott Brown's article: "Why I Hate the Beatles."

A few questions...

Did Jesus hate anyone?

Has He ever encouraged us to hate?

Yes, God hates evil but He gave Nineveh (and Jonah) a second chance. Don't any of you watch Veggie Tales? :-)

Doesn't Jesus love everyone?

If He loves everyone--then no one can be His enemy. (Except the Devil...and etc.)

What are we doing to reach the "rock and roll generation" besides passing judgements and turning up our evangelical noses?

I don't agree with some of the things the Beatles said or did but neither do I agree with some of the things King David or Jacob said or did.

God always leaves room for forgiveness so shouldn't we?

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house_of_hane said...

Lately, I have been reading so much about infighting between various "leaders" within the same religious denomination that I fear Jesus's message of love and forgiveness has been lost on them. Need a spiritual pick-me-up? Read the Parables or the Sermon on the Mount! All you need is love, love.

Something else many of these "leaders" seem to be forgetting: Jesus had friends. Yes--regular friends at whose homes he would hang out, enjoy a meal, and just converse. And some of these friends were women: Mary and Martha in particular. Jesus didn't segregate Mary and Martha in the kitchen--quite the opposite! He told them to leave the housework behind for a while and partake of something greater.

Just a thought from Everett's grandma