Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Titanic Week

I don't usually write informal, observational posts... but in this case, I think I will.

If you've been following Doug's blog in the last week to two weeks, there's been a lot of Titanic posts. (In fact, I think that's the only thing he's posted about for awhile.)

Yet, can anyone think of what else happened last week?

I'll give you a hint... what happened on Sunday?

That's right, last week was Holy Week and Sunday was Easter.

Usually, in Christian circles, especially reformed conservative circles, there is a certain reverence for Holy Week and the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins. We go to church on Good Friday and remember what Jesus did for us and then on Easter Sunday we celebrate Jesus' resurrection. It's one of my most favorite times of the year.

Now, what did Doug Phillips post about on Easter Sunday?

The Titanic and how much food was loaded onto a ship back in 1912... and nothing else.

And Good Friday?

Well, it was important to Phillips to post a New York Times article about how obsessed our culture is with the Titanic.... and zip, nill, non.

In fact, in all of Holy Week and Easter season, Jesus is completely missing from Doug Phillips' blog. Instead, we're treated to a slew of posts about the Titanic.

Seriously, couldn't Phillips have thrown a random "Happy Easter!" onto his Sunday post? And couldn't Jesus get a even passing reference during Holy Week? Though He deserves much more than a passing reference! It's the special week of the year where it's supposed to be all about Jesus Christ. If I blogged everyday (and I don't), I can tell you I'd be posting verses about Holy Week and Easter Sunday. When the Titanic (or anything else) eclipses Easter, you've got a serious problem. Does Jesus' death and resurrection not even cross Phillips' mind? Is Phillips so naïve that he thinks we won't notice if he waxes poetic about the stupid Titanic and leaves Jesus out of the picture? Because it really looks like he doesn't care at all.