Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Questions They Ask

For as long as I can remember, my grandparents have been there for me. I do love them very dearly. However, they have always asked many questions… usually repeatedly. This is a list of questions that my mom has been asked, I have been asked (up to "Age 19"), and/or questions that I anticipate being asked in the next ten years. :)

Age 1 day: “When is she going to sleep through the night?”

Age 1: “When is she going to be potty trained?”

Age 2: “When is she going to start preschool?”

Age 4: “When is she going to start school? What is homeschooling?”

Age 13: “Where is she going to high school? Can you still teach her at home?”

Age 14: This is about the time when the big college questions start.
“What are you going to do in college? Where are you going to college?”

Age 15: “When are you going to start driving? When are you getting your driver’s license?”

This age is also the start of “When are you getting a car? Don’t you want your own car?” My answer (that silenced my grandpa for a while):
“Sure, you can just buy me a VW Beetle- light blue or red, and then pay for the insurance, maintenance, and gas and I will drive it!”

Age 16: “Is she going to prom?”

Age 17: If you are still undecided about college, (and almost everyone is) they become very anxious and the college questions become more frequent. “What are you going to study in college? Where are you going?” Well, to the same place you asked last month-
The College of the Undecided.

Age 18: "Is your (Homeschool) high school diploma valid, I mean... does it really signify that you graduated from high school?" :)

Age 19: College is settled now… so you can guess what comes next! :) “Do you know any boys? When are you going to go out with a boy? Why don’t you date?” My answer:
“Well, I’m not really interested in boys right now. In a few years I will find a nice man and get married.” Response from grandparents: “You have to date before you can get married” and “You’re too young to get married.” :) Note: My new response will be
"I'm as old as you were when you got married."

Married (unknown age):
When are you going to have a baby?

After having 2 children in a period of two to four years: “You do know how babies come, right?”

After having 3-4 children (at this point they freak out): “When are you going to stop having children?” and “Don’t you think #__ is enough?”


[1] Quote from the Movie “What a Girl Wants,” 2003