Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How Maddening...

Try to be a voice of reason and get ignored. Sob...sob...sob.

I tried to post this comment on someone's blog where young ladies were raving about Christa Taylor clothes and acting as if they've never seen modest clothes before...and my comment wasn't posted. *Sob* :-D Anyway, here it is:

"Um, ladies, you act as if you've never been able to buy modest clothes before. They've been around for years. :-) Modesty isn't just about being's about wearing nice, pulled-together outfits. I'm surprised that people who beg for modesty haven't worked harder to bring the preppy look back in. Christa Taylor's collection looks very similar to say... American Eagle's fall/winter collection. CT's tops are too short and too tight; modesty doesn't mean painted on. Nor does it mean "let's try to fit in with the rest of the world by wearing the same loud, obstreperous stuff." Not very classy. Try Brooks Brothers 346 or J Peterman. Prep rocks."

Oh well, I tried. Why is it that people never want to hear the other side?


elizabeth said...

That is frustrating. I've been dressing preppy since high school in the early '80s... the last time the preppy look was truly "in" according to fashionistas. I too, do not understand how girls/moms overlook simple tailored clothing that actually coordinates and is timeless in both constuction and fabric... i.e. I still wear a summer shirtdress that I wore on my honeymoon over 20 yrs ago. And how is it modest to wear clashing colors and patterns?? I know positively that Glamour magazine, back in the day, criticized the very fashions which are so popular today. Anyone watch the TLC show, "What Not to Wear" on Friday nights? For a secular show, they show much more clothing/modesty sense than MANY Christian teens/moms I know.

Bethanne said...

I love reading Christy's blog and getting all the style tips but I've never bought any of her clothes nor will I likely ever do so. Besides being too expansive the skirts are a bit to short for me and highlight certain body parts just a little too much.

I rarely buy clothing from the department store. Thrift stores and gruage sales are the best! I just came home with 5 modest items for my wardrobe for .50 a piece. And yes they are quite stylish.