Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spring Suede, Suspenders, and Stay at Home Daughters

I was on Pinterest (looking at other people’s “pins”…I do not indulge in my own Pinterest), and I looked at the boards of several young women associated with the patriarchy/stay at home daughters movements. To be honest, I was shocked by some of the categories I found in these Pinterests. Categories like “Fashions for guys” or “when guys dress classy” were filled with pictures of chiseled, handsome male models in vintage clothing. Seriously? Endless files of photos of male celebrities? You’ve got to be kidding me. Come on ladies, what’s up with you? Don’t you have guy friends? What do they think of all these photos? Because I have to say that if I were a guy, I’d feel pretty intimidated by your obvious expectations of male beauty/fashion. Or are you so repressed and unable to talk to guys that you have to scour the internet for photos of handsome guys about whom you can dream? Whatever the reason, these guys are cute and I can see that you probably see more in these photos than just “spring suede” or “unbeatable street style.” How are these sorts of photos any different from pornography? Yes, I know the guys are wearing cute, preppy clothes but you’re still having an emotional reaction when you look at them. In fact, you’re objectifying these guys. How is this okay? These guys are all people with hopes, dreams, and probably a girlfriend/wife of their own. And another thing: How would you like it if your guy friends had Pinterests with photos of female models and celebrities? Wouldn’t that make you feel like you can’t live up to their expectations? Finally, do you even understand the example you’re setting for younger girls and/or your followers? Not only are you Christian young ladies, you’re all supposed to be into courtship and everything attached to that movement. These boards don’t seem to fit into the beliefs that you claim to follow. Pinterests are open to the public and I’m sure I’m not the only one that can see all the photos you pin. Finally, you’re falling victim to one of the top ten internet clichés…as detailed in this video. :-D And yes, I actually wrote this article before Messy Mondays made their video...they just reminded me to post my article.


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